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Single Mattresses 190x90cm

Single mattresses are the perfect choice for older children, guest beds and small rooms. With a range of fillings from traditional Single Spring, Pocket Spring to Duel Fibre.

The dimensions of a standard single mattress are 90cm x 190cm, or 3ft x 6ft3. Single mattresses are perfect for the next stages of all sleeping needs from when children outgrow their toddler beds. 

Although typically used for children and teens, single beds aren't limited to these age groups. Many adults find that single beds work best for them, dependant on the size of their bedroom and their specific circumstances.

Here at Kub we provide 3 types of single mattresses -

Sprung mattress: a sprung or innerspring mattress is designed with internal coils that move with you for reliable support.

Pocket spring mattress: has individual springs contained in fabric pockets for better responsiveness.

Fibre mattress: are far more responsive, durable, and above all breathable.