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Original Tuff Tray and Stand Range

Tuff Trays are a messy play essential, the activity possibilities are endless and they are great to use both indoors and outdoors. Our Original Tuff Tray range includes a standard Original and XL Tuff Trays, height adjustable tuff tray stands, and even tuff tray covers which are ideal for winter time or rainy days. Tuff trays are well known to be large octagonal and Hexacle plastic trays that can be used for hundreds of activities including messy play, small world play, crafting, sand play, water play, and anything else you can think of!

On a larger scale, Tuff Trays in particular encourage group play, allowing numerous children at once to join the activity, playing alongside each other or together. This creates a great opportunity to build on social skills, confidence and speech and language development. There are great benefits for children using sensory trays. They encourage children to problem solve, experiment, develop language, increase fine motor skills and brain development.

While each child will be different, tuff trays can generally be used at any age from two to nine years old. A tuff tray set will really come into its own when a toddler's imagination starts to soar. 

Tuff trays are made from recycled plastic, they are super easy to store away, and to carry around. They are extremely durable and can wipe clean ready for the next activity!

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    XL BUNDLE PACK - Original XL Tuff Tray, XL Stand, and Universal Waterproof Cover Pack - 3 Colour Options

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    3 colors available

    The ultimate outdoor toy for kids! You'll find an abundance of uses for the Original XL Tuff Tray and stand and waterproof cover pack. It's perfe...

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    Only 1 left!