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5 Halloween Costume Ideas for your little ones – Handmade v bought!

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for your little ones – Handmade v bought!

There are so many Halloween costumes available for kids these days that the choice can be overwhelming and the same applies to those parents that choose to make their own costumes. We have put together some of our favourite costumes that can both be bought and easily hand-made so whether you hand-make a costume this year or you buy one, here are some of our ideas to give you inspiration!


  1. There are so many cute Halloween costumes out there that it is easy to buy a great looking outfit for your child with little stress, however, it is also can be easy to make them for yourself! These simple outfits can be handmade using an old black top and leggings and some white paint. Your kids will love helping create their very own skeleton! Alternatively, you can always buy these at George at Asda for less hassle! 
    Click here for the boy skeleton costume.


  1. With the remake just recently released and the originals bound to be repeated again and again in the weeks leading up to Halloween, why not dress your child up with a Ghostbusters theme! You can buy one like this from George at Asda or alternatively you can make your own using overalls. Don’t forget to also print out the Ghostbuster’s logo and carefully pin it to your child’s costume for added authenticity!


  1. If you are interested in making your own Halloween costume why not dress your child up as a mummy using a combination of bandages and toilet roll.  Your child should be dressed in leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt (or a roll-neck looks especially good). Then using different bandages for the torso and legs, wrap your child up with the bandages keeping them as loose as you can and leaving a few ends loose for effect. Don’t forget to make sure your little one can still go to the toilet easily! Also you could add a few bandages loosely round the head and place a sprinkle of talcum powder in the hair for effect! Alternatively you could make a permanent costume by sewing or attaching the bandages directly to the clothes instead of simply wrapping them around. This way the bandages come off with the clothes. For those parents that don’t have time you could always buy a costume, like this one from Tesco!  Click here to check it out.

  1. Even want your baby involved?  Try accessories such as socks to get your littlest ones into the Halloween spirit. Bright orange socks or hats can be customised by hand with a black fabric marker with faces of pumpkins or drawings of bats! On the other hand, these Halloween ankle socks feature a rattle that's sure to excite a baby when they kick their legs! Check them out at Tesco.

  1. If you’re little one is not interested in dressing up to look scary why not simply purchase a costume of their favourite character? Not only will they look adorable, it will also be something they wear over and over again! Disney Princesses and Superheroes are always a great choice, like these from Argos! On the other hand, these two costume ideas are easy to make!  For a princess or prince, your child will love decorating their own crown after mum or dad has cut out a simple crown shape out of card.  Meanwhile, the fun part of a superhero costume is the mask! Your little one will love colouring in a Spiderman mask or alternatively can make up their own superhero!

Click to check out the princess costume.


Or click here to check out the superhero costume.


Alternatively your little girl can also be Spiderman this Halloween!

Click here to check out Argos’ Spidergirl costume!


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