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Top 10 Names For Boys

Top 10 Names For Boys

Most Popular Baby Names – Boys

As with choosing a name for your baby girl, naming your baby boy is a difficult but exciting decision. What you decide to name your newborn can be one of the most important choices you make for him. With so many options out there, it can be almost impossible to pick a favourite.

If you’re looking for new ideas, from traditional names to perhaps something more unusual, researching the most popular boy’s names for is a good place to start.

According to the most recent info from The Office for National Statistics, the most popular baby boy names in England and Wales are as follows:


The Top 10


Oliver is now the number 1 name in England, Australia and New Zealand with its sister Olivia at number 2. Meaning olive tree, the name Oliver was chosen for 6,649 newborn boys in England and Wales in 2015. Alternatives include Olly, Orion and Leo.


Jack has been a top name across the English-speaking world for over a decade and is currently still Number 1 in Scotland and Ireland. Originally a pet form of John, it is now a well-established name in its own right. Alternatives include John, Jackson and Jay.


From Prince Harry to Harry Potter to Harry Styles, it is no surprise that the name Harry is still remains a popular choice! Derived from the name Henry, Harry means ‘estate ruler’. Alternatives include Hal and Henry.


Jacob is a Hebrew name with biblical references. It is also saw a huge rise in popularity up to number 1 in the US after the release of the movie Twilight. Alternatives include Jake and Jimmy.


Charlie derives from the name Charles which comes from a German word meaning ‘free man.’ In the US the name Charlie actually ranks higher as a name for girls than for boys. Alternatives include Chester and Curtis.


From the original apostle to saints, from Thomas Edison to Tom Cruise, Thomas is an incredibly popular name meaning ‘twin’. Alternatives include Thompson or Thom.


Perhaps due the birth of the royal prince, George has moved up three places since 2013. As the name of the Patron Saint of England who slayed a dragon, the name is a symbol of good conquering evil. Alternatives include Gregor and Jordan.


The name Oscar could have many meanings from God spear to deer-lover to champion warrior. Famous Oscars include Wilde and the Academy Awards. Alternatives include Isachar and Oskar.


The name James derives from Jacob. Many celebrities have named their baby boy James including Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and Colin Farrell. The name is also becoming increasingly popular as a girl’s name. Alternative names include Jimmy or Jamie.


William means ‘resolute protection’ and babies with the name William share it with some of the most famous men who ever lived from Kings to playwrights to the founder of Microsoft. Alternatives include Liam, Willis or Wilson.


However it doesn’t matter how popular or unique the name you choose is, the most important thing is that you love it! 

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