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Top 5 Baby Related Apps

Top 5 Baby Related Apps

Technology has become a really useful, and in some cases essential tool in our day to day lives. However, with so much out there it can be difficult to find apps that are reliable, easy to use and also are good value for money. We have trawled the app store and here are our Top 5 baby related apps which can help in many different ways from breastfeeding to baby changing.


  1. Breast Feeding Friend for iPhone and Breast-feeding for Android

Both of these apps are free and are designed to be super easy to use in order for you to keep track of when you've fed your baby. Despite being simple, it allows you not only to note the time you last fed your baby but also how much and from which breast, whilst also working for bottle-feeding mothers.


  1. Baby Monitor

For just £2.99, this app is easy to use and allows you to watch your baby in live HD video anywhere by just leaving a device in the room with your sleeping baby. You can also talk to your baby with your own voice through the phone and use their lullaby feature which can be linked up to your own music library.  The activity log is also an incredibly helpful feature, allowing you to check how often your baby wakes up and discovering sleep patterns.


  1. NCT Babychange

This free app helps you find your nearest babychange facility anywhere in the UK. This is the perfect app for when you are on day trips out and about and also allows you to rate each facility to help other parents and check out previous reviews. If you find a new location you can also assist other mums and dads by adding it to the database.


  1. Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross

The British Red Cross have designed this app to keep your little ones safe at all times. It is packed full of useful videos and advice and is completely free. There are expert tips on how to prepare for some of the most common emergency situations and helps you act fast if things go wrong.


  1. Childcare UK

This app assists parents in seeking childcare such as babysitters, nannies and nurseries. It includes a free messaging system and a chance to build your own profile to detail your specific requirements.


What are the apps you can’t live without? Let us know!

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