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Our 5 Favourite Reading Corners

Our 5 Favourite Reading Corners

Building your child’s relationship with reading is a crucial part of their development and creating a space where they feel comfortable and happy will help to nurture this. Currently Pinterest is overflowing with this new trend of having a reading corner. A cute corner in their room designated to books will encourage your child to gravitate towards this space and towards reading.

Having trawled through Pinterest for inspiration, we have selected our top 5 favourite spots, perfect for a relaxing read with your child.

  1. What child wouldn’t love a teepee in their room?! This is a great idea for either boys or girls and creates a fun and exciting space for reading. Pinterest is awash with these characterful tents, taking den-making with bedsheets to a whole new level! See our play range for the cute Night Jungle Teepee Play Tent! 


  1. This is a practical and colourful solution to a reading corner. The positioning of the shelves makes the bookshelf easily accessible for your child, encouraging them to choose their own stories, whilst the stickers are both affordable and fun!


  1. This quirky tree shelf makes for a fantastic piece of art on a child’s wall and will also stand the test of time as your child grows older. Adding some pillows and beanbags under this bookshelf could create a fantastic space that would actively encourage reading.

        Alternatively, the tree idea could be developed for a younger audience like the photo below.


See this article by Design Bump here


  1. Another idea is to give your princess her very own reading tower with the help of a beautiful canopy positioned over a comfy rug and some cushions. Your little one will love closing the curtain on the world as she gets lost in a book. It looks so pretty and inviting that you may even want a quiet minute in there too!


  1. Finally this stellar idea caught our eye when we were scrolling through Pinterest that any child interested in car and trucks would adore! These DIY Tyre Seats not only look incredibly cool but are also very practical as you can keep books inside the seats and can pick the fabric to match your chosen interior! This makes for a fun and quirky reading session.


See this fabulous idea from Grillo Designs here -


Which is your favourite reading corner idea? Let us know, or comment with your own ideas!

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