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4 Clever Ways to Plan your Nursery

4 Clever Ways to Plan your Nursery

Have you given much thought to the layout of your nursery? Many of our customers tell us that the biggest challenge that they encounter is how to make sure that everything fits in to the room. 


Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the team at Kub thought that we would share our favourite ways of planning nursery space.  Using one of these methods should ensure that you get it right first time and don’t end up with furniture that doesn’t fit or needs moving around post build.


  1. Squared Paper


By drawing out your room to scale on a piece of squared paper, you can play around with your layout to your heart’s content. Draw and cut out your items of furniture using the same scale and move them around to find the best layout. (See our nursery layout tips for ideas)

Nursery planning

Arranged nursery planning layout



If your room is empty, the easiest way to work out where to position your furniture may simply be to cover the floor in newspaper and then use a marker pen / chalk to draw out where each bit of furniture will go. If you are not happy with the results first time, you can simply start again with fresh newspaper!


Microsoft Excel


Spreadsheet fans may find it very quick and straight forward to use the cells in excel to map out their nursery layout. As half of the fun of preparing for your new baby is in the preparation, we think that this method is practical but does take a bit of the magic out of the process! 


Free online software


If the old fashioned paper methods are not for you, there are plenty of free room planning tools available on the internet. Whilst most of these tools are useful and fairly straight forward, it can often take more time to do things this way until you are familiar with the software. 


Room Sketcher and Room Styler are two online planning tools that we have come across and tried out but there are plenty of others available. 


Whichever way you decide to play your layout, remember to bear in mind the location of the following things: 

Plug sockets


Light switches


Windows (& draughts)


Happy planning!


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