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Organic Moses Baskets

Organic Moses Baskets made with beautiful materials that are perfect for the eco-conscious parent, and well suited to any nursery style while showcasing its unique, practical and innovative design.

The organic range supports a more sustainable planet by reducing the use of toxins and increasing the use of more naturally sourced products.  The lightweight and super-soft dressing has been sustainably designed and crafted using the finest organic materials. This range is hypoallergenic which means it is better for the skin, helping ensure your baby’s comfort. This wicker range is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for busy parents. The natural wicker materials  allows for excellent airflow, keeping your baby cool and comfortable.

The Organic range is the perfect choice for parents who want a safe, non-toxic, and sustainable baby bed that is both beautiful and practical. With its natural materials and soft bedding, your baby will sleep soundly and safely in this comfortable and eco-friendly.

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