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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Kub Sustainability

At Kub, we have always been committed to ensure our operations have as little environmental impact as possible. From our packaging to the materials of our products themselves, we have made dedicated efforts to exclude the use of plastics, replacing them with wonderful eco alternatives. 
 Zero Plastic Packaging
All Kub nursing chairs come in plastic free packaging. We have replaced foam and plastic bags with cardboards and re-usable fabric bags and seal our boxes with paper tape.
Fabric Fittings Bags
Kub nursing chair fittings are placed in a fabric bag tied with a red string so you can find it easily in the box. Our reusable fittings bags are made using non-woven fabric, further removing our reliance on non-sustainable plastics. 
Solid Rubber Wood
Kub uses Rubberwood
All of our chairs are made with solid rubber wood - a sustainable timber which is a by-product of the latex industry. It is only after the trees have felled when the wood is used for the production of our nursery chairs.
As much as we have made a conscious effort to align our operations with sustainable practices, there's more we can do. Always aware of this, we have recently replaced adhesive labels on our cartons with direct prints and incorporated colouring in games for children on our packaging for reusability. We always look forward to finding new sustainable solutions to replace our current practices, knowing the overwhelming importance of being environmentally responsible as a modern business.