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Sustainable Sleep

 Our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation runs at the core of what we do. Our new mattress range allows for sustainable sleep as all mattresses are made with the highest quality sustainable materials, and are also fully recyclable.

Chemical and Foam Free

The eco mattress range features mattresses made of the finest quality sustainable materials. Unlike many other mattress manufacturers we do not use foam in our mattresses and instead use eco-bond fibre due to its more ecological nature and the extra support it offers. Our mattresses are also naturally flame retardant, meaning that we do not use flame retardant chemicals [or any other chemicals] in our mattresses. 


Recyclable Mattresses

Our eco mattresses are kind to the environment as they are 100% recyclable, meaning that they leave no waste and have zero landfill impacts at the end of their use. Even the packaging is sustainable and biodegradable!

 At the end of the mattresses use, simply send it in the labelled inner green bag to the address on the attached label. This ensures that your mattress will be recycled at the end of its life rather than going into a landfill. This is part of Kub’s responsibility for its products, and our way of ensuring we operate sustainably. Please retain the original bag in order to recycle the mattress when you are finished with it.