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Kub Harmony Spring Baby Mattress 120x60x10cm

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  • The Kub Everyday Spring Mattress is handmade with the highest quality British dent-resistant eco fibre and high-density springs. ​​The springs encourage perfectly balanced airflow and move with the baby as they sleep moulding to the contours of their body. The fibre surrounding has a unique open cell structure that reacts and responds to your baby's body heat, improving airflow and keeping the baby's skin nice and soft. The hypo-allergenic feature prevents body oils from penetrating the mattress and attracting dust mites and other microscopic organisms that can cause allergic reactions, creating a safe, healthy, and natural sleeping environment helping your baby to sleep.

    Every parent knows that sleep is vital to their baby's health and development, and a good night's sleep starts with a great mattress. Kub's premium range of comfortable, safe and hygienic baby cot mattresses have been created with your child's future in mind.


      • High-density spring core supported with dent-resistant eco fibre
      • Truly Chemical free and odour free
      • Hypoallergenic, anti-allergy & anti-bacterial
      • Foam Free mattress core will never discolour
      • Made in the UK exclusively for Kub
      • Flip & rotatable for durability and longevity
      • Passes BS7177:2008+A1:2011 & BS EN 16890:2017 for maximum safety
      • Bio-degradable sustainable packaging
      • Free Recycling at the end of your product life cycle ensuring our mattresses do not end up in landfill
      • 1-year guarantee 
      • Breathable eco-tech fibre helps to regulate baby’s temperature
      • Perfect fit guarantee
      • Supportive springs support your baby whilst they sleep for optimum comfort
    • Dimensions (cm): 120x60x10

    • 1. What is the weight limit?
      For safety reasons, we recommend a maximum of 20kg.
      2.  What should I do when finished with the mattress?
      Send it in the labelled inner green bag to the address on the attached label. This ensures that your mattress will be recycled at the end of its life rather than going into a landfill. This is part of Kub’s responsibility for its products, and our way of ensuring we operate sustainably. Please retain the original bag in order to recycle the mattress when you are finished with it.
      3. How do I clean the mattress?
      If the core is soiled wipe away spills immediately to prevent staining. Use a cloth dampened with water and/or mild soap or a professional product to clean the fabric. Always test an inconspicuous area first.
      4. Does the mattress come with a guarantee?
      We have a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing or material defects.
      5. Can I use standard-sized sheets?
      Yes, all of our mattresses are compatible with standard-sized sheets.