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8 Books for expectant Mothers & Fathers

8 Books for expectant Mothers & Fathers

1.   What to Expect When You're Expecting (What to Expect) by Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg, Sandee Hathaway

The best-selling pregnancy book to date, this is a perfect read for expectant mothers and fathers. It sets out to answer every conceivable question expectant parents could have about childbirth and the lifestyles of parents-to-be.  The new edition even sets out to answer questions about current lifestyle trends such as juice bars and e-cigarettes.  Overflowing with information, many parents call this their “Pregnancy Bible”!














2.    DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood. Tips for Parenting Every New Dad and Dad-to-Be Should Know by Pete Densmore



This book attempts to help fathers make their first 100 days as positively impactful as possible.  It addresses issues such as how to bond with your baby as quickly as possible and create lasting memories with him or her. Wittily written, this book doesn’t take itself too seriously whilst also being full of handy hints and tips.  














3.    Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant: An Essential Guide for Dog Owners Who Are Expecting a Baby by Lewis Kirkham



This book offers a practical, intuitive approach for creating a loving bond between your dog and your new baby.  Written by renowned veterinarian and behaviourist, Dr Kirkham has packed this book full of information, about how to prepare your dog for the baby and how to interpret your dog's body language and adjust his routine in order to keep him or her calm.












4.    Can't Wait to Show You by Jacqueline Boyle (Author, Illustrator), Susan Lupone Stonis (Author, Illustrator)



It is never too early to read to your baby!  This fun book is inspired by studies which show that a regular rhythmic story read, during the last trimester of your pregnancy can soothe and stimulate your baby.  Meanwhile, the sweet verses and charming illustrations allow you to celebrate this happy time. Moreover, it’s unique shape means it rests comfortably over your belly!












5.    Bumpology: The myth-busting pregnancy book for curious parents-to-be by Linda Geddes



When Linda Geddes, a journalist for New Scientist, discovered she was pregnant, she became fascinated by uncovering as much as possible about the life forming inside her.  With access to the most up-to-date scientific research, what started as a personal quest to find the truth behind the headlines became a brilliant weekly column and then this book.  A very interesting and informative read, this book answers everything you’ve ever wondered about having a baby.






6.    What to Eat When You’re Pregnant by Rana Conway



In this book, Dr Rana Conway, an expert nutritionist and pregnancy specialist, has compiled a definitive healthy eating guide for pregnancy with all the facts and everything you need to know, to give your baby the best start.  It even provides you with a checklist of foods that are safe to eat and ones to avoid.












7.    Baby Names 2017 by Ella Joynes



UK's bestselling baby names book is the most up-to-date list of popular names you can buy, in order to help you make this difficult decision!  Featuring over 8,000 of this year's favourite names, from celebrity trends to the top names in different countries, this is the perfect book to help inspire your name choice!








8.   The Pregnant Body Book Hardcover – 1 Jun 2011 by Paul Moran (Editor), Medi-Mation (Illustrator)

‘The Pregnant Body Book’ is a comprehensive visual guide to every aspect of pregnancy exploring the essential changes that take place in the body from conception to birth.  These brilliant images and remarkable photographs track each stage of both the mother and baby's development week-by-week and is an ideal reference for prospective parents.



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