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Keeping the little ones busy with the new Tuff Tray

Keeping the little ones busy with the new Tuff Tray

Getting the balance right when in lockdown has been a challenge. Our 2 girls with very different demands have been quite a struggle.

School work being received daily for our eldest who is still at an age where she needs someone to sit with her and talk through the days tasks whilst the youngest is still all about playing.

As the weeks have gone by, we’ve spent time scrolling the internet looking for educational toys, outdoor play games and activities that we hope will entertain both for more than 5 minutes, things they can play with together, without too much bickering. A very tolerant 8-year-old and a 2 year old who is still learning to share, there are obviously still times when tiredness and patience wear thin!

We decided to give a tuff tray a go, with so many groups and forums online with ideas on what to fill them with we felt it was such a versatile product. It is suitable for all age groups and provides lots of chances to get creative - both myself and the kids. So far, we have filled it with dried foods (pasta, rice and herbs), cornflour and water and now they are loving the Orbeez. Its also super lightweight so we can easily pop it outside if it’s a warm day, if they want to do some water play, or something particularly messy.

So overall we have to say it was a great buy, we love that the kids can decide (within reason!!) what they’d like to use it for. It makes it more appealing to them and in turn they seem to be engaged for longer. Any purchase that has multiple uses and keeps them this occupied like this has got to be a win.

Hopefully you will think so too.

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