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Christmas indoor activities with the Kub Hexacle Tuff tray and stand

Christmas indoor activities with the Kub Hexacle Tuff tray and stand

Christmas time! Every child just loves the excitement of Christmas, from gifts, delicious treats, and best of all SNOW! With my Kub Hexacle tuff tray and stand, I decided to try out this brilliant festive product for my children to play with to explore that early Christmas feeling. My house is a festive one, my 2 children always love that idea of snow at Christmas, but with the uncertainty of getting real snow falling from the sky in December, I wanted to try something different.

So, this ‘Sno play’ fake snow product turned out to be better than I expected. My Daughter especially, really pushed using so many tools and ideas to the tray table, it was a joy to see. We had cookie cutters, festive scene making, pretend potions, coloured slush making, snow angels and a good attempt at snow men.


This was an afternoon of creative play thanks to my Hexacle tuff tray and stand. As a Mum, I’m not sure I could have managed the snow product without the tray set. Initially, from mixing the snow powder with water in the tray itself was great, I didn’t need to use a bowl or any of my kitchen equipment. The deeper edges of the Tuff tray held the snow in perfectly. The soft plastic tray material was great and didn’t stop the snow from moving about easily.

With the cold weather upon us, my tuff tray is now indoors. This week we have used our Hexacle set as a Lego tray for a school project, every Mum’s worst nightmare – slime, and now snow play. These Hexacle tuff trays come in SIX different colours which is great if your wanting it to match a room/nursery colour or a particular play theme setting.


As my kids and Nephew really loved playing with this snow product, I decided to make up a bigger batch. After countless hours throughout the week, the snow was still as good as when I initially made it, the Hexacle tuff tray was perfect for this. The snowpack does also include a dissolvent, so when you’re wanting to clear the tray, no harmful chemicals need to be thrown in the bin, it just needs to be rinsed away after dissolving. The Tuff tray cleans and wipes down so easily, its perfect for messy Christmas activities like these.

Overall, these Hexacle tuff tray and stands are super useful, for so many activities of all ages. What a great Christmas present this would be on Christmas morning, for your little ones to see ready set up and full of snow to play with!

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