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Tuff Trays & Halloween

Tuff Trays & Halloween

It’s that time of year again when the traditional pumpkins come back into our homes, and the messy job of decorating this seasonal vegetable begins.

My 2 children love this Autumn tradition – the messier the better in their eyes!

So, this year I decided to use these fantastic tuff trays for my own ease. I own 2 different sizes of tuff trays (XL TUFF TRAY AND STAND & HEXACLE TUFF TRAY AND STAND – CLEAR). Both trays are great for different activities, but as the kids had a pumpkin each, it only made sense to use both. My husband, being the big kid that he is, purchased 2 enormous pumpkins this year, and let’s just say the tuff tray and stands were a blessing!

How strong are the Tuff Tray's?

I was a little concerned about the sheer weight of the pumpkins, and wondered if both the tuff trays would be able to hold the weights of these pumpkins that I couldn’t physically lift alone. I had nothing to be concerned about. Both the XL TUFF TRAY AND STAND and HEXACLE TUFF TRAY AND STAND were amazingly strong and showed no weakness at all.

What mess?

Removing the filling from the pumpkins is the worst part for me, I have never liked getting my hands messy at the best of times, but both my kids love putting their hands in and pulling out the seeds. For this moment the trays are incredibly handy. The risen edges held all the mess and kept my floor clear. As the children emptied the pumpkins, I scooped up the mess straight into a bucket – perfect! Couldn’t be easier!

Extra Halloween fun!

I use my Tuff trays for many messy activities. This October my nephew also made great use of the XL tuff tray while baking Halloween biscuits. From weighing the ingredients, mixing, molding, rolling and cutting the mixture, he did it all at the perfect height on the XL Tuff tray and stand. Again, this kept the floury mess contained and my worktop clear for me to prepare dinner! A simple spray and wipe after, is all that was needed. These tuff trays are so encouraging for children to have no limits to their activities. From start to finish, my nephew used the whole tray space fully, I hardly needed to help. My Sister has since purchased one ready for Christmas!



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