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Tuff Tray sensory play ideas

Tuff Tray sensory play ideas

Tuff tray easy ideas

Our tuff tray is used daily, if you don’t have one of these brilliant products then you’re really missing out!

My kids and their little friends love using it for so many playtime activities. It saves my dining table from lots of spill and staining accidents that may happen during messy play!

Here’s a few ideas with using objects around the house for fellow parents that I have used with my Tuff tray!

1. Stamping

Super easy!! Cut a potato in half, push a cutter in and cut a small slice around the cutter and the stamp is ready! I let mine dry out from the starch before dipping into the paint.

So many options of cutters these days, letters, shapes, and characters!

My kids love using this style from homemade cards for the Grandparents and family members.


2. Icing

In my household I bake quite a few cakes, so when my kids see that some icing is left over, they love to have a go with cutting, rolling, and using my baking tools plus a little to nibble on! The Hexacle tuff tray is perfect for this activity, as it warms my heart watching my kids practice what they see me making and how they show such a curious creative skill without even knowing. 


3. Colourful dried rice cupcakes

I had a go at adding colour to some rice for a sensory play activity. This activity was to try and teach some concentration skills by pouring the rice into cupcake cases without spills. Again, just another different activity that the tuff tray and stand was perfect for to catch all those spilled rice grains.


4. Spaghetti hair design

The kids loved this activity. I mixed food colouring with some boiled spaghetti and cut out some funny faces, easy and creative.


These Hexacle Tuff trays also have universal fit waterproof covers available with KUB. These covers are fab for when your Tuff tray is all set up outside with either sand or water play, and you just know the kids will want to continue playing with their activity on the next dry day.


We hope some of these ideas create a little inspiration!

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