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Introducing Colour into a Neutral Nursery

Introducing Colour into a Neutral Nursery

If you have chosen not to find out the sex of your baby, you may have found yourselves poring over an array of safe neutral colour charts, quietly wishing that you knew your unborn baby’s gender.


Many parents decide to stick with beige, cream, grey or white when planning their nursery but if you have different ideas for your nursery depending upon whether it is a boy or a girl, how do you remain organised but still end up with your dream nursery?


The short answer is that as fun as it may be to get the entire room done before your baby is born, there really is no rush to complete the job. For the first few months whilst your baby sleeps in your room, your nursery will only be used for naps, nappy changes, storage and feeding. 


Why not organise your neutral basics and leave the finishing touches until later?

In the meantime, there is nothing to stop you from filling a scrapbook with ideas or creating a few Pinterest boards to create your perfect baby boy / baby girl nursery.


Nursery Essentials (pre baby)

  •     Cot / Cot Bed
  •     Wardrobe
  •     Changing Unit / Dresser
  •     Nursing Chair
  •     Blackout Blinds
  •     Nappy Bin / Ordinary bin


How to introduce your colour scheme effectively 

At Kub Direct, we love to embrace colour and our experience tells us that just about all little people love a splash of colour too! 

If you share our love for a little vibrancy in your life, you may wish to consider adding these elements at a later date:


  1. Lights

Lamps and lampshades can easily be added at a later date and are a fairly inexpensive way of introducing colour to your nursery.


  1. Curtains and Blinds

Whilst black out blinds are very often an early necessity, there is no reason to choose neutral curtains before your baby is born. Why not wait until you are clear about your nursery colour scheme and then make a decision?


  1. Soft Furnishings

Scatter cushions, beanbags, a small rug and even an additional cushion and blanket for your nursing chair can be added later. 


  1. Accessories

Your can brighten up your nursery with a whole host of fun coloured accessories. Cot mobiles, laundry bags, pegs, toy boxes, shelves, the list goes on….! Most of these items are non-essentials and so whether or not you have them in place in advance really isn’t important!


  1. Feature Walls

Whilst it is better to have your nursery painted well ahead of time, adding a colourful wallpapered feature wall or perhaps a mural is not hugely time consuming and can be easily done after your baby has arrived.


  1. Art

Colourful pictures and prints can make a big impact and can really help to inject a bit more personality into a room.   


  1. Bedding

There is absolutely no rush to buy your cot / cot bed bedding in advance unless you are planning to use it from birth. In all likelihood, your little one will be sleeping in a moses basket / crib for at least a few months which gives you time to be bold! 


Check out our Pinterest Boards for some nursery colour scheme ideas and do let us know if you would like to see more! 

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