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Nursery Colour Ideas - Pretty Pastels

Nursery Colour Ideas - Pretty Pastels

Who doesn’t love a good mood board?! They are a fantastic way to gain inspiration for decorating your home and we just love putting them together!

Our latest nursery mood board has an absolutely beautiful pastel theme and is ideal for any little girl.

Pale pink has always been a popular choice for baby girls’ rooms, however this theme takes on this idea and gives it a quirkier edge with a mixture of soft colours such as peaches, sky blues, pale beiges and lavenders and a variety of fabric designs.

We also believe that this theme will stand the test of time and remain relevant as your baby girl develops into an inquisitive toddler.

Not only is the design extremely cute but also research has shown that bright colours can make babies unsettled and restless. Softer colours on the other hand have an incredible calming and soothing effect on babies and young children, making this design both pretty and practical!

This theme includes some of our own stunning furniture including the Luna Cot (White) and HaywoodReclining Glider & Footstool (White).

What do you think of our latest mood board? Let us know!

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