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8 Nursery Essentials

8 Nursery Essentials

Preparing your nursery is an exciting time for parents to be. With a multitude of things to think about, it can be overwhelming trying to work out what you actually need!


To help you along, we have come up with our top 8 nursery essentials.


1. Cot

Sleep is a valuable commodity to all new parents and it goes without saying that the main purchase for any nursery is a safe comfortable cot. If space is not a concern, a cot bed is larger than a standard cot and converts into a toddler bed resulting in many more years use. other than choosing a style that you like, it’s worth checking that your cot has adjustable mattress positions so that you can change the height as your child grows. Under bed storage can be invaluable if you are constrained by space. A good quality safety approved mattress with a washable cover is essential to ensure comfort, good hygiene and temperature control.


2. Changing Table

Believe it or not, you will change approximately 2000 nappies in the first year of your baby’s life! Having somewhere that is loaded up with nappies, nappy bags, wipes and sudocrem makes the whole process much easier, more hygienic and much more comfortable for the carer! Many changing units double up as dressers for clothes storage which is especially useful if space is an issue.


3. Nursing Chair

Many night-time hours will be spent feeding your child. Whether you breast or bottle feed, being comfortable makes the whole experience much more pleasurable! A nursing chair with smooth rocking motion supports you in all the right places and will ensure that you and your baby are relaxed.


4. Room Thermometer

A room thermometer will enable you to keep an eye on the temperature of your nursery. Overheating is a major risk to babies and you should aim to maintain a temperature of about 18c.


5. Baby Monitor

For peace of mind, a baby monitor is another essential purchase. There are lots of options available from basic listening devices to all singing and dancing multifunctional monitors which use video and sensory pads to detect movement!


6. Nappy Bin

Smelly nappies are a fact of life! If you don’t want to make multiple trips to the dustbin or have nappies hanging around the house, a disposal bin will hold up to 28 nappies in a secure odour and germ free environment. We love the tommee tippee sangenic system!


7. Night Light

A nightlight is another useful low cost addition to your nursery. Whether you want to check on your baby or change a nappy, a nightlight will enable you to see and do minimal disruption to your sleeping baby!


8. Black Out Blinds

If you don’t want baby waking at 4am in the summer months, then you will definitely want to invest in a blackout blind. We love the gro anywhere blackout blind that uses suction cups to attach to windows and can therefore be used both at home and as a solution when you are away.

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