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Making your Baby’s First Christmas Magical

Making your Baby’s First Christmas Magical

Making your Baby’s First Christmas Magical

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but it will be even more special now that you have a child to enjoy it with! Your baby’s first Christmas is a magical time and the perfect occasion to create new family traditions that will be repeated year after year as your child grows older. There is no need to splurge on lavish gifts and decorations as your baby simply won’t understand! Here are our top tips for making your child’s first Christmas extra memorable.


Christmas Cards

A great way to show off your adorable new-born to all of your relatives and friends is by sending personalised Christmas cards along with photos of your baby. Alternatively, you could create a fantastic keepsake by sending cards with your baby’s footprint on. These are cards that you and your parents will keep forever!

A Keepsake Tree Decoration

Another idea is to make or buy a keepsake ornament that will always be associated with your child’s first Christmas. It could be personalised with a photo of your child or with your baby’s name on. Make sure that it is extra special as it will be brought out every year! You could even create a new family tradition by adding a new special ornament to your tree every year. When your child gets older they will love to pick out a brand new one to add to your collection.


Buy a Christmas Outfit for Your Little One

Whether you buy a cute festive romper or go all out with a Christmas-themed costume, many parents choose to purchase an outfit for their child on their first Christmas. Although your baby will only be able to wear the outfit for a month or so, the photos and memories of your little one dressed up as a Christmas pudding will last a lifetime!


Choose a Stocking

Your child’s stocking is something that you will pull out year after year so make sure you take the extra time to pick out something that you really love. If you are feeling creative you could even make one! Also have a think about the size of stocking you will need depending on what gifts you choose to put in it.


Decorate Your House

Deck the Halls! Your baby may be too young to properly understand the excitement of Christmas but her or she will adore the twinkling of fairy lights and watching paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Just make sure any decor is safely out of baby’s reach.


Christmas Reading

Another Christmas Tradition you may want to start is reading a festive bed-time story on Christmas Eve. Every year your little one will run to choose this one book so make sure it is one that you won’t get tired of reading! As your child gets older he or she will even be able to read it for themselves! You could go for Christmas Classics such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman or you could choose other festive-themed stories for instance Little Robin Red Vest or Laura’s Christmas Star.


A Keepsake Box

Many parents at their child’s first Christmas choose to make a keepsake box. You may want to keep all sorts of things from this very special day, such as a Christmas card, a label from their gift, tinsel or photos of the day. A home-made or shop-bought box could be the perfect way to keep all of these safe for many Christmases to come!


Stick to Your Routine

It is also a good idea to not disrupt your child’s routine too much. If you are able to, try to stick to your usual bedtime pattern in order to relax the baby. He/She is likely to be exhausted by the end of the day from all the attention and excitement!


Enjoy the Day!

Most importantly make sure that you and your baby thoroughly enjoy your day. Stay relaxed and try not to stress about making everything perfect. After all, your baby is too young to remember if anything goes wrong anyway! Just take lots of photos and give your baby lots of attention.


Let us know what your favourite Christmas traditions are with your child!

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